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Last Year in My PhD

Early morning New year calm Paris, 2007

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  1. 🙁 It sounds sooooo good! Avocados are one of my most favourite foods.. but the sad face? In the last year we've discovered I have developed a severe allergy to them… makes me so sad… but seriously.. that pie sounds AWESOME.

  2. Quanto a imagem do cubo magico, eu queria mesmo que ele encontrasse o cubo magico do Pinhead, para quem não lembra é do filme Hellraiser, “o cubo da morte”

  3. “We conclude that there is no substantial basis for the claim that anti-IgE at high dilution (by factors as great as 10120) retains its biological effectiveness, and that the hypothesis that water can be imprinted with the memory of past solutes is as unnecessary as it is fanciful.” Nevertheless, there was no suggestion of fraud; Maddox and his team initially speculated that someone in the lab “was playing a trick on Benveniste,”Dice que no hubo fraude, el equipo de Madox jamás lo pudo comprobar.

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  6. SÃ¥ gøy den var!! Kjenner til problemet…veit ikkje kva eg skal gjer emd vÃ¥rt stygge tv/stereo/høgtaler- hjørne…For Ã¥ svare pÃ¥ spørsmÃ¥let ditt..Vi bodde i Bergen til litt før jul og bor no pÃ¥ Frekhaug litt utanfor byen.. Ha ein fin dag i sola!

  7. This is actually pretty badass, get through traffic way faster and able to pull most light vehicles by the looks of it. Way more efficient for a lot of tow jobs than the 1 tons and bigger that roll around my town.

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  9. Okay, firstly, your knives are none too sharp if you’re spraying turkey fat while you’re carving. Also, wear that “leather” Jaime Gumb number and you won’t have to worry about your paper white shirt.

  10. Croyez vous que les cas de Mélenchon (qui était déjà sénateur à 35 ans…) ou de Marine le Pen soient différents? Ils n’ont eux non plus jamais connu autre chose que le milieu politique: renseignez vous mieux, c’est un mal français assez répandu et vous verrez qu’au moins le programme du PS et de Hollande prévoit des mesures pour y remédier, comme le non cumul des mandats.

  11. spread oat – bund a 180, record storico, 30 punti in più che lo spread btp – bund a marzo. Cheffai ora sarko ? con chi ti incazzi ? telefona alla marckel va !

  12. MorrisI think the thing about ‘Kieff not getting tossed was the fact that he was in a headlock moments before. If a foul had been called on that, and there way should have been, there would have been no head hit. I’m not trying to say it’s okay (man, those Morris twins do let their temper get a hold of them sometimes, but they’ve gotten better, if you can believe that), but I can understand why he was not ejected.

  13. Tommy My wife and I have been drinking Crispin since it came out. I like the Brut. It’s not too sweet and it’s very refreshing. Sarah, if you want something with more body I think they offer other varieties. Anyway, I’m happy they are headquartered here in MN and looking forward to drinking some cider during the all too brief summer.

  14. you know, I’d attend these meet-up’s if I ever had an idea when you guys we’re meeting and when. If you do send any email’s to let the other ink-stained wretches include me in the list. I had a blast the one time I came through. Word.

  15. Vidberg: vous pouvez etre fier de votre auditoire, beaucoup de jeux de mots desopilants (coup de coeur a « n’est pas encornet ») en ce jour, permettant a votre blog de ne pas etre interessant uniquement par ces tres bons dessins mais aussi par l’hilarite de certains commentaires.

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  17. purtroppo non è così, questa è invece la vera e unica serie ufficiale inserita nella continuity di saint seiya, dato che sia hades che lost canvas sono in realtà degli oav. Tant pis!

  18. Posso mesmo dizer que estou "viciada" e "fascinada" pelos livros desta autora. Na segunda quinzena de agosto comecei por ler "Nunca me esqueças"; devorei de seguida "Procuro-te" e já tenho em mãos "Nunca digas adeus" para começar ainda hoje.Simplesmente maravilhosos todos eles!!!

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