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  1. gaji gomen haram sbb parti UMNO korg tu amalkan rasuah,politik wang BAPAK SEGALA RASUAH..klau org gomen mkn rasuah kena tgkap,denda dan penjara tp klau POLITIK WANG hampeh.. wahai org2 gomen klau rasa nk selamat jadilah kroni UMNO..

  2. am aruncat o privire peste comentariile date de oameni pe acest blog. La orice fel de intamplare narata se obtin mai multe comment-uri de tipul: "Superb! Am ris cu lacrimi/hohote! Rontzi esti geniala! Prea tare!"Oameni buni, serios?! imi pare rau, dar nu am observat nimic exceptional in povestirile acelea.Don't overrate the kid!

  3. Arf-arf !C’est quoi le pire ?1) que les grecs aient triché ?2) qu’on ait mis autant de temps à s’en apercevoir ?3) qu’on savait très bien mais que c’était une occasion en or de s’en fiche plein les poches en espérant que ça pète pas tout de suite ?Poser les questions, c’est déjà y répondre…

  4. Socialism didn't work in Sweden.Old Soviet citizens' joke: if socialism was scientific they would have tried it on dogs first.Did the CCCP lack sufficient homogeneity or something? Socialism in one country ought to have been socialism in one gene pool?

  5. Vajei sunku, ir batoną kepti ir nutelą naminę gaminti, o dar ir pieno reiks gauti. Na tarybiniu būdu. O šiaip tai puikiai atrodo, tik aš neturiu didelio noro batonus kepti, gal nejaučiu sentimentų tiems seniesiems. Bet va duoną tai norėčiau gerai mokėti kepti.O kaip dėl tos duonkepės, ar verta investicija? Mes su vyru kalbam, svarstom, tik aš galvoju virtuvė ne gyuminė, visko nesusipirksi.

  6. As an ex-Los Angelian, who visits regularly, I think that I am a lot less trusting when I go back there than I am here in the midwest. Not that there are not wacko’s here in the midwest, but, people out here all say hi and make eye contact. In LA, when you make eye contact with strangers, they look at you like you might just be a mass murderer.

  7. Walaupun begitu anda boleh cuba semak syaratnya bila permohonan kemasukan dibuka.Di samping itu anda boleh juga menimbangkan Politeknik sebagai satu alternatif. Walaubagaimana pun buat masa ini laman web Politeknik tidak boleh dilayari jadi tidak dapatlah menyemak syarat kemasukannya.Jika pembaca lain ada alternatif lain harap dapat berkongsinya di sini untuk membantu saudara Zalie.

  8. Funny thing, all the SCIENTISTS agree on the SCIENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING. Yet in the public sphere it is very much a DEBATE. Maybe that’s because oil companies hired the same publicists that tobacco companies used to use smoking does not cause cancer, to tell us global warming is just a debate. If global warming is not real then smoking does not cause cancer. What you fail to mention is that the polar icecaps are melting and islands in the pacific are flooding from rising sea levels!!!

  9. The tale of the stranger knocking, then entering, and sounding the shofar, ultimately inspiring the host to song is a classic motif, this time the stranger inspiring a hostess. I appreciate that, as a reader, I was invited along for the innocence and beauty of the experience, and then, afterward, following along in your mind as the innocence became riddled with understanding of others’ premeditation.

  10. Hence, it pays to have big bombs.Finance us or this will fall on you.SAS,Didn’t work very well for Russia… It was more like, “We’ll default and you’ll like it!”.

  11. Hi Sonya,Thank you for your kind welcome to the conformation world. I’m still just a spectator at this point and very much appreciate the amazing effort, time, energy and emotion that go into creating that one special dog who will go all the way and all the other beautiful ones who entertain me so highly when I’m at a show.Cheers,Susan

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  13. Fresch wrote : “Sanyasins, as individuals, are wired people, I often think sicker than “normal” people (including me). And I do not fully understand it why.”Ah, my theory supported again. My theory is : lots of sannyasins commited serious crimes in their most recent past lives, particularly in the second world war. That is why they “had to become” sannyasins, because things were not working out well with such serious karma.

  14. I tuoi dolcetti mi hanno lasciato senza parole. Sono bellissimi.Il sapore posso solo immaginarlo, ma adoro questo genere di dessert.Sei sempre bravissima.Un abbraccio carissima e a presto

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  17. Hey Sam – You must really love Bulgaria if you’re willing to visit during winter! And thanks for the “Visit Korea” info. I’m sure a lot of people would want to know about those free buses and anything else they’ve organized for foreigners. I might have to take advantage of it myself

  18. Thankyou Dan, here is a link for WORLD VISION, with whom we are going to be working with in line with Donations, these can be paid easily on there site!! All donations our local group collects will be paid direct to WORLD VISION!As for the aid packs which we are collecting, it has been decided to keep it local as there are many other groups in many towns making collections to aid the people in Haiti, we feel our/other efforts can be best used in local areas for this!Thankyou for offering to post a link on your Blog!

  19. Ejjj altså, der havde jeg lige skrevet en laaaaaang kommentar og så ville den ikke udgives og piiiist væk selvfølgelig :-/ Jeg kikker ofte ind på din blog og her er altid noget at blive inspireret af. Sikke fine gaver du har på spil, jeg må da vist krydse fingre ;o)Kh Helle kameliane@sol.dk

  20. Hi Renee – you may not be an expert (though you sound pretty clued up to me!) but I think that actually helps, as you’re able to explain things in a way the rest of us can understand. Many thanks to you – it’s all much appreciated.

  21. “Further information as a result of domestic investigations could lead to further reconsideration”Is slightly different than “I have no reason to believe any part of the report needs to be reconsidered at this time.” Both accurate quotes from the interview, with very different interpretations.

  22. Hallo Marc,kann sehr viel von dem was du geschrieben hast nachvollziehen.Hatte ja lang kein Smartphone. Jetzt weiss ich, dass es das Leben nicht nur einfacher machen kann…Hier mal schauen, da mal schreiben…Irgendwie bin ich ja froh, dass hier auf dem “Dorf” wenige Leute ähnlich krank sind wie ich es bin. Das macht es für mich einfacher.GrussChristian

  23. Wow, way to go, Michelle! That is just wonderful news to be mentioned in such a high-profile newspaper. Look out for increased blog stats! :-)I also love your ice cream taste test. I’ll have to save that for a summer activity.

  24. Moi je dis: sont trop chanceux, tes enfants, d'avoir une mère pareille. C'est en tous cas ce que penseraient les miens au regard des derniers posts. Et je suis bien d'accord avec eux, vais devoir m'y remettre et en prendre de la graine;-)Ta cuisine est chaleureuse et conviviale, elle donne envie.Bises!

  25. Gârdarna runt Grundtjärn..det lâster nästan som titeln pâ en roman. Spännande ! Sâ bra att skolklockan funkar och kan varna om nâgot speciellt skulle inträffa och mobiltelefonen inte fungerar : eldsvâda, blixtnedslag, sjukdomFina bilder och vilket handlag med yxan ! Wao !

  26. Stuart, I am 100% with you on this one: "I suspect the authors don't know very much about the pressures on global oil supply, and this limits their understanding of the potential for problems from that quarter.", yeah, unfortunately and quite unbelievable! Point number 4) might relate to water above anything else. Water is already a mighty problem right now. Agriculture is the most water intensive human activity as you certainly do know. This is the squaring of the circle!

  27. Greenest: Eau de Camille. (Light green, almost yellow actually).Reddest: I can't make up my mind. I'd say Chypre Rouge or Santal de Mysore.Blackest: Bvlgari Black, of course.This is a fun thing to do -associations. The only thing is most of the time, The colour in the name ends up being associated with the actual scent(!)

  28. Graceling totally deserves that award, congrats! You are an awesome writer. Some wines I would recommend are Seghesio (I don't know if i spelled that correctly!)Old Vine Zinfandel, Worthy, and Chateau Ste. Michelle. Hope you enjoy your new glasses!-Anne

  29. I find it hard to get too hot and bothered about E.J. He’s just one of those liberal peri-Vatican II Catholics who thought the Church was going to change a whole lot in their direction and then got disappointed when it didn’t. I agree with Kathleen10 about male feminists, though–what spineless weenies! I’m glad I’m not married to one.

  30. Helle Klein skriver:Till Ann-Cathrin; Tack för kloka ord! Minns Krister Stendahls ord vid riksmötets öppnande: skattefusk är synd. Det var mer krut i biskoparna förr.

  31. Zeh, I have exact the same problem as gray did… Still do not know how to fix it. I found the examples in as2 having this problem while those in as3 works just perfectly.Posted by jing on ·

  32. One of my clients and his wife are originally from Denmark, they bought a second home there a few years back (and from I hear, a very nice home that did not cost them an arm and a leg) and go there for 6 or so weeks every year around this time. Smart if you ask me….

  33. If you save all your threads, small pieces of yarn, plus scapes of fabric cut up into little pieces and sandwhich them between two layers of washaway stabilizer then stitch it around the outside edges the back and forth (like stippling your can make your own fabric.After stitching back and forth you can rinse away the stabilizer

  34. José EdsonOLá Jefferson Lopes boa noite, realmente só a um meio de nos protegermos contra os espertalhões de plantão, e esse meio é o conhecimento fique atento e obrigado por sua participação em forma de comentário, volte sempre.Obrigado

  35. Recently, I did not give whole lot thought to commenting on weblog articles and have left feedback even less. Viewing your useful piece of writing, might inspire me to do this again.

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  37. Phil Creusat 8 juillet 2009 C’est con parce que j’ai eu des donjons Crépusclues en plus en cadeau, mais vu que j’avais pas eu les premiers j’allais pas commencer par le tien…Enfin très bon dessin malgré tout.

  38. JC,On short sales a lender can be easy one time and then terrible the next. Generally, Harris Bank is pretty easy to deal with. I’ve closed a number of short sale with them. They are a not in the small lender category who might pursue you. They are just like the other large lenders like Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo and they are unlikely to pursue you.Best of luck and let me know if you want to discuss it further. Tom

  39. Where was Obama when those at the embassy were begging for help? You’re every bit as cold and uncaring as he is, I hope I never become the creature that the two of you are. No, I don’r know them but that doesn’t keep me from often crying and praying for these murdered people and their families. Your flippant attitude is shocking.

  40. have you heard about the company national relief? they are based out of new york. what do you think about them? I was planning on having them ask me for debt relief help before I read your article

  41. Oh yeah, have you ever eaten dog food is horrible, and having a sharp nose like theres, no wonder they go crazy when we eat. . I give mine egg yokes, good for the skin there, and the chicken dry food there, the better for them, the sauce has a lot of fat,

  42. The Philies will ask for as much as they can get, but will Victorino, as a 2-month rental with no draft picks attached, having a horrible season, at his salary, command any kind of prospect in return? I'm more likely to think a warm body or two plus the whole salary may net Victorino.

  43. my dream kitchen will have gorgeous emerald green subway tiles that look like shiny green bricks {or better yet, are bricks}!there is a store near where i live that has these bricks on the exterior. i just took pictures today. they are fabulous!i love the openness in the last photo! so clean and bright.

  44. I wish I knew easy methods to many thanks individuallyif I could call you back I might, you assisted change my gaming being.I today dont’ think I am about to invest all the doing what I utilize to do, I may perhaps be a bit more fashion mindful or just seek advice from more girls but still learn how to balance life a bit.

  45. hola nesesito una ayuda para poder pagar la escuela de mi hijo que tiene sindrome de down no me alcanza y mi hijo todavia no habla y ya tiene 8 años por favor ayudenme soy de queretaro mex

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