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  1. Das erste Foto gefällt mir! Dazu fällt mir ein, dass man anstatt “Steigungen im schönen Lipperland” auch hätte schreiben können “Schöne Steigungen im Lipperland” .

  2. fudzijan: “Jediná možnost je tlakem veÅ™ejnosti (tlakem národa) donutit media k publikování názorů druhé strany s tím, že pokud nevyhoví dojde k hromadnému bojkotu určitých druhů medii…”To je hezké. ale jak se domluvíme, když informační kanáli k tomu ovládá nÄ›kdo jiný? Tady mluvíme o koordineci aspoň pár set tisíc lidí.Stylem práva na odpověď mi to pÅ™ipadne průchodnÄ›jší.

  3. I have been covered under POLICY NO. BM2138148 for many years, and am wondering if I could be sent a new information packet for my records.Thank youKarl F MoorePO Box 470Dallesport, WA 98617

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  5. ohhhh Mary that looks absolutely wonderful…..I love roasted potatoes and never thought to even make them southwest…what a great idea. I am going to definitely have to try that.Have a great day!!

  6. I agree with you, but it’s very idealistic. How many people really have the gift of celibay and of those who do how many want to be preachers? Was the priest a Cardinal?

  7. Easy to support a war when you know it will never touch you or yours. I have regular conversations with my stepdad about his experiences in Vietnam, except he can never actually tell me the details (and I don’t ask). Suffice it to say his PTSD led to his being on disability.I’m truly sorry for your family’s loss.

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  11. Di leggi mi sa ce ne sono anche troppe con una si avvolge sull’altra per dare appiglio ai fetenti di continuare sul filo del rasoio a fare ciò hanno sempre fatto.Ogni tanto qualche bottiglia di olio dai prezzi strani la piglio per curiosità e mi chiedo come si possa mettere ina mano la propria salute e il condimento dei propri piatti a unto del genere.L’olio è altra cosa rispetto a quello in quelle dannate bottiglie.

  12. I've been putting meta descriptions on my home pages and not on other pages. It seems effective to let the search engines populate effective descriptions. Good video. I'm really loving the videos! Keep em going!

  13. Hola, Kako!!!En qué buen momento he llegado hasta aquí. El sábado mi Edu me ha regalado la máquina y no tengo ni idea de por donde empezar, así que me apunto todito lo dices. La pinta de tu pasta, IMPRESIONANTE.Muchas felicidades por ese premio, eres una maestra!!!!!!!!!!!!!un besazo

  14. luigi scrive:Hai lavorato per 50 anni e sei andato in pensione col vecchio sistema retributivo ecco perchè prendi tanto di pensione?????? Anche mio padre ha lavorato per 50 anni di cui 10 in svizzera (e non ti dico come veniva trattato) e per i restanti 40 ha fatto il barbiere ed io lo vedevo solo la domenica pomeriggio ed il lunedì pomeriggio e mai e dico maiiiiii un giorno di ferie e di pensione prende 900 euro. Ma non serve dire tante parole… ne basta una, devi MORIRE.

  15. pelayo / Hagamos cuentas: 300 millones entre 20.000m2, contando las instalaciones, parcelita bien comunicada, vistas a la Sierra, bodeguita y sauna/piscina. Le sale el metro a 1500 €/m2 cuando en Valencia está a 5€/m2/mes y en Madrid a 11€/m2/mes. Sí, un poco caro y ¡encima es el único español que adelanta los pagos!

  16. Allez, c’est minuit l’heure du crime. En route chevaliers du ciel, enfourchez vos pur-sangRédigé par : pilote | le 22 mars 2011 à 00:06 |…n’ont pas attendu votre clearance de 00:06.…avaient 2300 km à faire à 450 nÅ“uds de moyenne, soit environ 3 heures de route.…sont partis vers 18h.

  17. I'm assuming that kids aren't cleaning chalk boards these days and taking the erasers outdoors to hit them against the sidewalk? LOL Isn't it amazing what kids have these days. Our two year old grandson scrolls through Netflix on the ipad to find Bob the Builder. Good grief!! 🙂

  18. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I in finding It really helpful & it helped me out much. I hope to offer one thing again and aid others like you helped me.

  19. mi az ilyen nőket (nőnemű lényeket, mert ezeket nem lehet NŐnek nevezni) haszonállatként tartjuk nyilvánmárpedig egy haszonállatnak ugyebár takarmány kell, nem isten igéje (képzavar, de gondolom érthető), és ezek a könyvek úgy viszonyulnak a 'zirodalomhoz, mint az állateledel a mandulás-tejszínes kacsáhoznincs ebben semmi misztikusszingli (eh, egyedülálló) ismerőseim meg is szokták oldani a "fejést", már bocs a kifejezésérterre valók, nem kell több jelentőséget tulajdonítani nekika könyvet meg nem kötelező megvenniha a fikázás élvezetes, akkor sem ;)vinitor voltam

  20. Many people dont realize how little these JG programs cost. Let’s say that some european government wants to offer a job for 50.000 long term unemployed, and the cost over existing unemployment benefits and after deducting increased tax revenue is 500 euros a month, that would cost 25 million euros a month or 300 million euros a year. Even EZ governments can afford that much.

  21. – Brilliant. Without a doubt, “what if’s” and “if only’s” would be the worst things to be saying in another 39 years time. Go for it! Though good to have in mind too that it’s not just the big and sparkly things that make a difference… little steps and little changes add up rather nicely as time goes by, and can sometimes be more enduring. Hugs! x

  22. the bill will advance to the House floor Monday, with a Senate voted expected Tuesday.The high court ruled that states cannot automatically give sentences of life without parole to minors. North Carolina is one of the nearly 30 states where life without parole is the only option for certain types of murder.The ruling allows 88 convicts in North Carolina to appeal their sentences.The new minimum sentence would be 25 years before a chance at parole. The bill was amended Monday to lessen convictions for non-premeditated murders.

  23. Det var dejligt at faa lidt teoretisk viden med paa vejen. Tak skal du ha'. Jeg elsker blomster, men mit frimaerke af en have ligner??????? fordi jeg intet aner om det, saetter planterne forkert, beskaerer dem naar man ikke maa osv.Min mor havde meget groenne fingre og en stor viden som jeg ikke naaede at faa med, saa mine fingre er sorte. Det der med syrenen er skrevet bag oeret.

  24. Voi ei Eeva! Ikävä tulee! En ole kovinkaan kummoinen kokki ja täältä olen monesti poiminut helppoja ohjeita, joita tämmöinen huonompikin kokkailija uskaltaa yrittää. Minäkin toivon sinulta keittokirjaa ja/tai uutta ruokablogia. Ja voihan harmitus, jos nämä arkistot suljetaan, niin paljon hyviä ohjeita jäi kokeilematta. Äkkiä nappasin biscotti-keksien ohjeen talteen, mutta ei tässä millään muista, mikä kaikki kiinnnosti kokeilla ja mitkä olikaan niitä, jotka piti tallentaa. Kiitos kuitenkin makoisista ohjeista ja hauskoista kirjoituksistasi. 🙂

  25. That’s cool. A blog’s gotta end sometime; I don’t get these people who think they should go on forever. Thanks for this – you worked worked hard and dug deep into the dark recesses of your soul for our amusement! love, Slinky

  26. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

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  30. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Appreciate it!

  31. I have a speed bag, heavy bag and dumbbells.What workout can I do with those as well as combining exercises such as push ups, sit ups, pull ups etc.Please give me exercises to do with those things I told you I have as well as examples of exercises I mentioned (push ups etc) and any other you can give me.

  32. October 23, 2009I wait for the day that I can purchase and read your books. Takes me back to the days of your capsule accounts of your travels. Yep I remember them…What incredibly breathtaking writing! I mean honestly lady S, You already ARE a Serious Writer.

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  36. Hei pÃ¥ deg, fine du:)Og takk for i gÃ¥r, er alltid like kos med slike treff altsÃ¥;)Og ikke farlig i det hele tatt og komme alene ♥Masse flotte ting i goodiebagen og litt annet nytt med hjem, skulle gjerne ha kjøpt en hel haug, men interiørbudsjettet er egentlig sprengt for en stund, hehe:)Flotte bilder!!Ha en fin fin søndag ♥

  37. “I’d rather be close to the top and be able to live honestly than … a neutered life”“I’d rather be myself than be a shallow, approval-seeking imitation”Are those the choices you see for yourself, Ben?Are you really calling Elena Kagan a dishonest, neutered, approval-seeking imitation?There is no backspace key in life, but there is one available to you when typing things like this for your blog.

  38. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  39. Thanks for stopping by, Kiesha! Yes, you can certainly find interesting new things down rabbit holes, but maybe there’s times when you need to hide the holes or else plug them for awhile.

  40. felicito a los empresarios que tomaron esta iniciativa, de seguro les irá muy bien y estoy ansioso. de ser uno delos primeros junto con mi familia

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  44. Hei Innom for å gratulere deg med galleriplassen hos nib! Flott bilde!Fine ting du har fått med deg hjem fra fretex. Greit å vite at en kan prute:)Ønsker deg en fin ny ukeKlem Tonje

  45. Yeah…my human dad is always amazed at how quickly the weekend flies. Hope that you’ll get some rain/snow so that you can get off the Fire Watch.Happy Valentines day to all of you.

  46. Adoro Anónimos!Foi aluno dele?Foi para o tagus park e eu ataquei no meu blog!E o curriculum do homem que levou Portugal à BANCARROTA?PS. Kaos para quando um jantarito em Lisboa?

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  50. 02/05/2010 – 9:11pmSí, lo más seguro es que tengas razón. Pero bueno entre nosotros creo que no hay nadie que sepa como mueven su dogma periodistico.

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