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  1. Biden revealed the location while filling in for President Obama at the dinner, who, along with Grover Cleveland, is the only president to skip the gathering.God i love this admin…..LOLlike the blind leading the blind….LOLoh, let me put a little name here so yo bloogers don’t freak out…..hummmgot it “JJ”…Dyn-Oamite

  2. I agree, I think gaming is becoming more widely accepted as a normal thing for everyone. As generation Z (my generation) starts dominating the world, video games will probably start to pop up in more places and among more age groups. At least I hope so, lest I fall victim to the infamous “Oh…”.

  3. I've read about a lot of people doing this, and your system seems to be an especially good one. I've been contemplating this as well, but the STUDENTS have not been very keen on the idea, so I haven't moved forward on it.

  4. The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

  5. Ei sitä pyörää tarvi kääriä naftaliiniin talveksikaan ;). Rrrrrakastan fillarointia ja me kuljetaan mun Helkaman kanssa ihan kesät ja talvet.Kesällä homma on kyllä kivampaa kun pääsee lujaa eikä tarvi koko aikaa pelätä kaatuvansa jäässä tai sohjossa :D.

  6. Hey Thomas!!HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH zum Geburtstag:)Du bist der beste Gitarist der Welt^^Viel Glück und alles gute, wünsch ich dir!

  7. Hey,IM looking at a used Nikon SB-600 or the Y565 for use with me nikon D90?DO you have any advice?I have not owned a external flash before.Thanks,Luke

  8. One thing to remember – she is only beautiful because of thousands and thousands of dollars of plastic surgery to her face. Holly was not a beautiful woman before the surgeries.

  9. Hallo Monika,nach langer, langer Zeit mal wieder auf deiner Seite hier. Sehr schöne Bilder ! Macht echt Lust, auch wieder nach Australien zu fliegen!Ist echt krass, nach so einer langen Zeit wieder nach Hause zu kommen. Ich hoffe, dein Rückflug war in Ordnung und du hast dich mittlerweile wieder eingelebt und ans kühle Wetter gewöhnt Ich wollte noch fragen, ob du mir eventuell die Reiseführer wiedergeben könntest?Das wäre super.Viele Grüße, Annec6d

  10. I am worst than him, i am predicting DJ would hit 4000 points and HK will hit below 10,000 points.Of course,tonight DJ may challenge agaist on 7900 points. If brokethis support, i think the above mentioned point may arrive on the corner. I already pray hard on that, my prediction is wrong, i wish i am 100% wrong.

  11. , furiously not counting her chickens). You were a librarian too? All that daydreaming in the stacks… Lorraine – you’re a star. Thanks for being my CP. No, no photo (dunno what happened to it) but that’s probably a good thing. Jackie

  12. Anonim – Poti spune si asa…Cine stie cum ar fi evoluat istoria Europei fara aceasta invazie. Poate s-r fi decalat istoria cu cel putin 100 de ani inapoi…

  13. I wish that the Linux Foundation, with its hundreds of industry members, would work to reverse the ridiculous “secure” boot requirement for Win8 certified hardware, and push hard for open hardware. How is this not illegal collusion, just like all of MS’ anti-competitive baloney? Not that any government regulators care.

  14. useful create…My partner together with I come forth finished by using this situation by a different web site along with concept I’ll just look at important goods via. I’m keen whatever Not long ago i check around meaning i’ll be just rigtht following the majority…

  15. lo único que Platón dijo claro en el Kritias era que la Atlántida estaba en el Estrecho de Gibraltar tras las columnas de Hércules, busquen pues en unos bajíos que en la última glaciación de Würm eran unas islas enormes habitadas…

  16. She is a good friend but I do not think she is interested in changing or learning. I am not good at listening to people complain about problems they created and do nothing to fix.

  17. Jonathon Dewveall +1In fact, if y’all want Dewveall to play (, we’ll do it. We’re playing a 30 min. showcase at Guero’s at noon, but we’ll gladly scoot on over to Stubbs for a round two.

  18. RyuLOLNão tirei muitas fotos!Mas não te chateies, se continuares a aparecer irás figurar em alguma com certeza!:DRui EstevesOra… foste lá a que horas? De manhã??:P

  19. Ania pisze:Witam serdecznie, trafilam na te stronke dzieki poszukiwaniu filmu Secret…i zostalam na dluzej, pochlaniajac wiekszosc postow na raz:D Bardzo mi sie podoba, swietne artykuly, bardzo duzo inspiracji, zeby samemu cos dla siebie znalezc i poukladac wiele spraw w zyciu. Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zycze powodzenia! Na pewno czesto bede tu zagladac:)

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  21. Olen pelannut Warmachinea yhden keskeneräisen koepelin. Mekaniikki kiitettävän yksinkertainen, kunhan alkaa muistamaan kaikki säännöt. Se että pelikentällä riittä pieni määrä figuja ja niiden ulkonäkö herättivät kiinnostuksen. Olen mecha- ja steampunk-fani.

  22. – Audio comentario:“The Host”: a casi todo el mundo le fascina a mi me pareció una más. Con efectos especiales correctos pero no sobresalientes. Y detalles de serie B total. Lo de el o la excampeon de tiro con arco me dió la risa floja. Muy difícil “averiguar” como va a acabar la película. “El gran Vázquez”: totalmente en desacuerdo esta película es un homenaje al autor de tebeos no una adaptación de ellos. Aunque en la película haya guiños a los mismos. Me gustaría ver a Santiago Segura en otro registro más serio y menos canalla.

  23. C´est vrai. La question n´est pas s´il a eu des frères ou non, cela ne peut changer rien, je crois. Ce qui peut être un peu plus important c´est son existence et, surtout, sa nature. Depuis quelques années ( malgré ma formation: x

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  25. Let us decide our thumbnails, and if you guys are scared that we might spam people with false thumbnails, then at least let us choose a thumbnail from the video, e.g:"Please type in the exact minutes and seconds you want your video thumbnail to be on: "Or something like that. And PLEASE don't get rid of the ratings system. 🙁

  26. “Just this once… … “Just this once…” The mantra of money addicts the world over, whether they be in Vegas at a Roulette Table or in Wall Street Banks. Was this answer helpful?

  27. I would love to love you, but when I try to go thru the link u provide to EUgameawards, I am sternly warned by Google that they detect MALWARE on that link. Perhaps you need to look into it so gamers do not get this malware in trying to help you?

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  29. Luca Sacher on fb:'s well written. i especially liked the beginning, of course then it's hard to conclude such articles. but i'm proud of you, man! =) keep writing and i'll read your stuff. for further comments i can only write you a letter =P

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  31. PodziwiaÅ‚em go za ten spot reklamowy i myÅ›laÅ‚em sobie, ile razy musiaÅ‚ go wewnÄ™trznie szlag trafiać podczas jego krÄ™cenia!GratulujÄ™ bogatego życia wewnÄ™trznego!To,że myÅ›laÅ‚eÅ›,że go wewnÄ™trznie szlag trafia to byÅ‚y tylko Twoje myÅ›li,a nie jego “wewnÄ™trzne trafianie szlagu”.

  32. Vicky – Yep, it will just be more like plain pumpkin bread, but still delicious. You can substitute the regular sugar for brown sugar to help a little. Brown sugar is just regular sugar with molasses mixed in, although there isn't enough in there to give it the strong flavor like straight molasses.

  33. This was a really inspiring blog. Hospitals are pretty scary places for adults too, but of course more so for children. Think of natural light and comfortable seating and some COLOR in hospitals – how cheering and health-inducing that would be for folks undergoing treatment, how encouraging and comforting for anxious visitors.I also wondered about the “future floor” — do you know more about what it will be used for? Is it just more space, or is there a new purpose, another environment proposed for it? Just curious…

  34. The photo may be a detail from a Julie Blackmon photo but I see the designers have taken a bit of license with the painting on the wall (aside, of course from mirroring the image). Is there something in the stories that prompted the designer to do that?

  35. Thanks to the mysteron & Gazza. A more difficult puzzle than yesterday, with some very nice clues. Managed it without the hints, but read them anyway. Most entertaining with some interesting pictures Favourites were 19, 14 and 2 down. Last in was 1d. Never heard of 19a, but got the anagram letters and figured it out.

  36. Steelrat: gli interventi irriverenti non mancano, su questo blog. In questo momento mi piace particolarmente ricordare questo. Però adesso il concorso cerca di riattivarlo…VascoBlog: la mia mail la scopri cliccando sul mio nick a fondo pagina, per dire la via più immediata. Nella pagina faq l’avresti comunque trovata…

  37. You have a great blog, and very educational for someone like me (I’m not a dentist, but I do love everything dental care) that isn’t as knowledgeable about the technical side of dentistry. The fact is, your blog could have probably trumped a few that were on my list. I’ll probably tweet this post soon…so stay tuned for that…hint hint…

  38. he is pro choice is labeled a “murderer”. So, it is a doctor who performs abortions. Then, also the woman who chooses to have one.Yet, they have not been convicted of murder.

  39. A foto foi tirada sem flash e o “anjo” está no centro do palco, lugar geralmente melhor iluminado. Já a câmera não foca, sequer, o rosto do músicos que dividem o palco com o “anjo”. Com uma câmera de baixa resolução e qualquer holofote é possível reproduzir esta imagem.

  40. The Hoteikan System was founded to establish perfection of the Mind, Body and Spiritand dedicated to the combined arts. All techniques and principles were formed to create a morecomplete Martial Art, encompassing the components of all systems, thereby providing confidence andpersonal protection in the modern day inner cities. The Hoteikan System atmosphere enables studentsand instructors alike to develop personal commitment and creative freedom.

  41. pridavek cukru do trnek ..takze cukru davame podle cukernatosti trnek ,,rozmackejte trnky z vodou cca 1 ku 1 zmerte cukr optimalni je 14 az 18 procent pokud neni pridate cukr ,dnes du na dalsi varku trnek je jeste porad dost

  42. Ich hab’ mir jetzt nicht alle Kommentare durchgelesen, aber am einfachsten bekommt man das Video doch – wenn man es sich einmal komplett angesehen hat – aus den Temporary Internet Files. Weg kopieren, .flv anhängen und gut.Cheers, Mäc

  43. Jobs, jobs, jobs…Isn't this post stark evidence that renewables (whatever that means) are not competitive with nuclear power in the long run? To outproduce nuclear power 3:1 "renewables" would require 30 times as many workers. So per unit output, "renewables" require 10 x as many workers.

  44. Gente, por favor, eu comprei meu netbook ontém e hoje de manhã caí na besteira de fazer o SISTEMA DE RECUPERAÇÃO dps q eu fiz isso ele aparece assim: image loading failure. Reload image! Oq eu faço gente??? Me ajudem!! Obrigada desde já

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  48. We enjoy the Marketplace Grill – same beautiful view as Anthony’s but half the price and less people. Great sandwiches! The staff is really sweet too!

  49. Dont see what the big hubalu is about. we need to see what happens, if it turns out to bad, then take action. 1000s of people die from the normal flu every year, but only 1 has died from this. and she was a BABY from MEXICO who was already dying and then came to america. I think eveybody is freaking out over nothing. And i'm from texas too so dont say in texas is bad, no its not.

  50. Firing more GSA employees may be exactly what Mica, chairman of the House transportation committee, has in mind when he opens a new round of hearings Wednesday on the lavish GSA conferences.”…government accountability…..what a novel idea…

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