My Physics Space and Space Physics

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  2. Letter_of_Appreciation_UNIVERSE_AWARENESS
  3. ACE [Advanced Composition Explore at L1]
  4. SOHO
  5. My PhD Final presentation. PhD Defense PPT PhD March.21.2007
  6. Fortran 77 Users Guide
  7. THEMIS Time History of Events and Macro-scale Interactions during Substorms
  8. CCMC Community Coordinated Modeling Center
  9. IYA2009_Certificate شهادة تقدير من الاتحاد العالمي للفلك  Award from IAU
  10. Astronomical picture of the day      كل يوم صورة فلكية جديدة
  11. Publication JGR-Space Physics
  12. Publication Annales  Geophysicae
  13. Member Since 2005
  14. Temperature Conversion Calculator
  15. My PhD Thesis


Division of Higher education-UNESCO, PARIS


Astronomical activity in Ibrahim's school


Prof Bob Williams and me at his Office in STSI-Baltimore, USA


Space Museum Hampton VA 2009

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