My Family Photos


My Son- Mohammad 1995




Daoud , 17.2.2003


Idris 22.11.2009


Our Son. Shaheed: Ibrahim Suleiman Baraka




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  1. When you let them feed themselves (breastfeeding is indluded in this) they stop when they are full. This teaches them to listen to their body's cues. When you force food into a child and make them eat until the bottle or plat is empty, they learn to ignore their body's cues. They learn to overeat. I think you are safe. As long as he doesn't spend too much time at the cheez whiz bar.

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  3. “Co do kwestii “spyware’u” – na jakiej podstawie uważasz, że Fx 3 jest bardziej pod tym wzglÄ™dem niebezpieczny? Dopóki tego nie sprecyzujesz, wybacz, ale nie bÄ™dzie można tego okreÅ›lić inaczej niż FUD.”Zajrzyj .

  4. What really kills me is listening to the union brain trust at Queen’s Park yesterday talking about how it’s an insult to democracy. Hello!! Exactly how democratic is it to force a person to join a union as a condition of employment? How about the unions lead by letting teachers have a choice as to whether they actually want to belong to their union, or a choice in who represents them, or how their dues are spent. The teacher unions are anything BUT democratic. Interesting how Hudak is playing this. I’m not sure about it yet….only because I don’t trust McGuinty or the Ed. Minister to stick to the amendment once the Bill is passed. That’s so like them.

  5. Woman of Alien…Great do the job you’ve done, this page is admittedly interesting with excellent info. Time is God’s strategy for maintaining everything from taking place without delay….

  6. , “God never changed His mind, you changed yours.” That Sun in SS our teacher taught from Num on making vows to the Lord! As a So. Bapt. divorced single parent, the call looked pretty impossible. But God did it & sent me to the Philippines in 1980. 32 yrs later I’m still here & have never wavered from my call, even tho there were times I wanted to! Have a hundred stories to tell about it. I’m 71 & not retired yet.

  7. Hi Fred. No, I’m not criticizing you. I worked for about 13 years ago. I can’t remember the blog’s title but it was under my name. My editor would occasionally have news staff pick fights with me over gun control, politics, etc. I think I recognize some tells that indicate P is part of the staff. Their writing skill aren’t as tight as the regular newspaper (more like TV) and they rely on web skill more that their own brain cells.Anyways, that’s what I was referring to.

  8. Coronel,Vou mandar um verdadeiro calhamaço de coisas a respeito do autor de uma solução bem simples para o Battisti.Via e-mail, que aqui nem cabe!Abs

  9. Sorry, Phil, but I don’t see any eclipse of Goldberg. I wish!So far, I just see an angry column by Glenn Greenwald. Now if others pick up Greenwald’s idea, then Goldberg might end up eclipsed…We’ll see…

  10. Difficile, veramente difficile per me…Sono fuori concorso vero?Comunque meno cazzate e più opere come queste.Continua che vai forte (occhio ai muri però…)

  11. Sounds like fun, doc!Too bad that, by definition, you are furthering an anti-god, atheist agenda that will leave your mortal soul in peril.’Cuz remember, the Earth is the center of the Universe, and it’s all only 6000 years old, so whatever you’re doing out there is a blasphemy…

  12. Great story, I really want to read more, I could imagine myself waking up in a laboratory for a moment.  I´m a lover of horror stories and horror music, there is so much of the dead we don´t know and so much to wonder about it that these kind of stories really make me read and read for hours.Â

  13. E de Clausewitz esta afirmacao. A guerra e uma necessidade biologica. Mas esta, tambem era um pensamento estrategico. Ainda que frio e calculista.Agora, os delirios do nosso "general Tapioca" estao mais para um filme do Cantinflas ou Tim-Tim entre os Pincaros.Porque se for a seria, entao, caro Professor, feche o blogue porque a sua volta ja na haverao seres racionais.

  14. Interesting post. I feel like I’ve had this conversation with clients before. It’s good to be clear and upfront about expectations. I’ve never understood people who come to a marketing or ad agency for help, but then plug their ears and whistle when the company they’ve contracted tells them they need to approach a project differently.

  15. Lincoln wasn't a Virginian. I don't know one way or the other about Caterpillar man. Usually you start with George Washington, James Madison, George Mason, a few other Constitutional Convention delegates from Virginia. Then you get Patrick Henry and some other revolutionary firebrands. And so on.

  16. Hey and thanks for great review. One question: 210 only shows dist, pace and HR at the same time, or am I wrong? I would like to see also the time that I’ve been running. I think 610 is able to show all these four features at the same time. Is it easy to check the time during running or should I get the 610 instead of 210?Thanks,Andy

  17. I adore your blog so much and I just wanted to tell you I am a long time reader and stopping by always makes me smile. Now that all my grandparents are gone, it comforts me to see older people, they are so full of knowledge and beauty. I was just telling my friend the other day that I need more "older" friends. I miss hanging out with that generation. You are so lucky! Thanks for brightening my day 🙂

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