Richter Magnitude Scale

Richter magnitude scale

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  10. Momos..what a cute name. Similar to chinese dumplings but with so much other additional spices. Sounds yummy. For the peel, did you mean 3 cups flour?

  11. What domains do I need to allow scripts from to make the comments work on the beta site? It tries to load scripts from about 14 different domains, some of which I’d never allow scripts from, so allowing all scripts is not going to happen.On the old site, comments worked fine without any scripts enabled at all so it wasn’t an issue.

  12. O super initiativa nu cred ca a mai facut cineva la Brasov.Chiar daca ploua azi nu ne impiedica sa ne terminam treaba e o actiune foarte faina si benefica.Sa va imbracati mai gros sau sa veniti intr-o pelerina si totul e ok.P.S.:Daca faceti efortul asta fac eu cinste cu un ciko promit. VA ASTEPTAM CU DRAG…..!!

  13. Haroldo Franco disse:Ah, sim. E quanto à venda de bebidas alcoólicas de forma ambulante… Não se esqueça que a propaganda é a alma do negócio. Que tal o ambulante sair gritando pela rua: “Olha a cachaça! Meiota a 1 real! Olha o Duelo!”. Meu caro, vc está confundindo comércio ambulante com atividade comercial em logradouros públicos em ponto fxo, e isso te faz cometer equívocos.

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  15. Lizzy,The best compliment I can give you is that I let my bathwater get cold because I couldn’t stop reading long enough to heat it back up. You, my friend, are fabulous, and I can’t wait to read the books coming out soon!!

  16. Som jeg ser støjberegning mm for disse møller sÃ¥ kan de ikke overholde afstandskravene (for andre boliger end de 2 som nedlægges) – vær venligst opmærksomme pÃ¥ om dette er rigtigtmed venlig hilsen

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  18. Love it! Scored 11 out of 14 so that makes me a Guerlina Girl, right?It's a very good point about appreciating the ones you can't wear. L'HB gives me a headache and I can't handle the heliotrope in Apres L'Ondee but I think they are stunning masterpieces that I would love to be able to wear one day.Hope you both have a wonderful time at the Mothership…I mean the Flagship!Tara

  19. queria saber si todavia anotan para elecciones para intendente de Cba, yo ya me anoté aún no me llegó ninguna notificación pero estoy a la espera, es para una amiga que hoy le comenté y me dijo que pregunte si hay posibilidad aún sabiendo que eran muy pocos los anotados-gracias

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  24. Jul13 Thank you to for a great event! The speaker was brilliant and I met so many interesting people! The only thing is, since I had a babysitter for the kids and a designated driver both at the same time, I had the idea to drink a little too much wine, so I can’t remember the name of the woman I met near the end of the event who had written about her infertility struggles. She might be a LiveMom contributor. Hmmm, if you read this comment and it might be you, send me a note, I’d love to connect!Carol

  25. Thanks everybody for the nice comments. I worried a bit that people would react more from their guts then their souls…I am glad that you have not.I send to you all my love and appreciation,ike  

  26. I like how you mentioned “slow fade”. It is so true. That song really puts it in perspective too. The little ones watching our every move. I don’t have kids myself yet, but I do have friends who have kids who watch us all.

  27. ”ei ole yhteensattuma, että Usain Boltilla on huumorintajua vähintään yhtä paljon kuin nopeita soluja”.… eikä ole yhteensattuma, että Suomessa kristinusko on tabu ja että tunnemme erillisyyttä ja pelkoa. Teksti oli nimittäin suoraan raamatusta, mutta kuten tekstissäkin sanotaan: ”Ihminen tuomitsee sen, mitä ei ymmärrä” – ja Suomalainenhan on mielummin oikeassa kuin onnellinen.

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  29. Em 1974 os "operacionais"da Pide seriam bestas de mais ou menos 30 anos.Hoje grande parte deles ainda deve andar por aí…cuidado com os "cães"!Abraço

  30. the Hawks don’t have as much money as Detroit, but the Hawks also don’t have as much to replace (especially if Lidstrom retires). the Hawks also have more bona fide top-end prospects to fill gaps in-house.

  31. Stekta gröna tomater funderade jag ocksÃ¥ pÃ¥, men har inte läst.:) Bara sett filmen.:) Blyton är nog lite för mycket barnböcker. När lammen tystnar däremot… fast i ärlighetens namn vet jag itne om jag kan rekommendera den. Kommer ingenvart i Hannibal, tycker den är för DJÄVRA äcklig och fÃ¥r lägga ifrÃ¥n mig den helatiden för att jag mÃ¥r dÃ¥ligt.krilon-trilogin är helt superbt, juh! Vilket utmärkt tips!

  32. Thanks for the article and link! Getting an iPad soon so that list is going to come in handy.Out of the games noted, I’ve only played World of Goo and Edge but I can easily recommend them to anyone looking for some fun puzzle-based gameplay.

  33. Συμφωνω και συντασσομαι με το σκοπο-στοχο του εγχειρηματος. Λογω προβληματων και αποστασης μ,αλον δεν θα μπορεσω να παραβρεθω στο Μαραθωνα. κι επειδη ξερουμε την νοοτροπια του Ελληνα να ακολουθη τους μπροσταρηδες , μηπως θα βοηθουσε περεταιρω η προβολη καποιων αναγνωρισιμων π.χ Θεοδωρακης Γλεζος κ,α ? Αποψη μου κιαν δεν βοηθαει την αγνοειτε. Υπαρχει σκεψη η δυνατοτητα αναλογου εγχειρηματος στη Β,Ελλαδα ?

  34. May 8, 2010 – 11:47 am Hmm ok Matt so u can publicly ridicule a businesses attempt at using Twitter. Well done you. But instead of just pointing and laughing how about being constructive? If you are going to say ‘this is how not to do it’ you should also include a ‘this is how you should do it’. Because, to be honest I feel the same about this blog post as you felt about getting that twitter follow. Just sayin.

  35. Kari – at the heart of your argument is a false statement: that “Alcohol sellers make the vast bulk of their money from a hard core of alcoholics.” That is not true, nor do you make any attempt to verify it. While the larger issue of whether or not a state government should be selling alcohol is one worthy of discussion, please check your facts before weighing in.

  36. What boggles my mind about the trades is that not only did we get truckloads of money, but we also got the 2011 second round picks of the Knicks and Heat. The Knicks pick ought to be a pretty good one too. Once you accept the premise that you’re selling the picks, they did a phenomenal job.

  37. with a short note to Ryan Boren: It’s not you or your fault, Ryan. You just happen to have posted the relevant entry to my rant in your blog, and the comment submission form there has some kind of unfounded hatred

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  39. Oh I KNOW I would have loved watching the RNC with you. There was lots of yelling at the TV in this house last week—of course, that was in-between my cooking dinner, doing laundry, and taking care of the kids while my husband had a cocktail relaxing in his recliner. ;P

  40. Oh, but I was looking at fold away tables like a drop leaf table that goes down to about 8″ wide and you can set it against a wall out of the way, but it opens up great big when you put the two leaves up that hang down on the side. Then I wondered what in the world will I do with the chairs when we aren’t using the table and I gave up on a dining table. It is just a waste of space for me to have a table I guess.

  41. 11/12/2010 – 6:17pmAaaaah… aqui estaba lo de ONG. Pues si se considera una organizacion del gobierno de Qatar es casi más meritorio el que intente tender puentes con Israel. Otros gobiernos del Golfo,no quieren tener absolutamente nada que ver con Israel en ninguna capacidad.

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  47. Best way I found to wash NB backside was to bathe with him, hold him tummy to tummy, and suds up that way. Of course, that’s with one child. I hear baths get tougher when you have multiple small children around.Side note: I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes to zone out to Storage Wars.

  48. "Neljän viikon jälkeen kenelläkään ei ollut enää masennusta" no hallelujaa! Kauankohan koehenkilöt oli kärsineet masennusta koetta ennen? Kaksi päivää? Viikon? Ja kuten ohjelman asiantuntija sanoi, jo pelkkä viikottainen tapaaminen psykiatrin kanssa vaikuttaa suuresti; huomio ja huolehdituksi tulemisen tunne. Siinä olis pitäny olla verrokkiryhmä, joka saa kaikkea sitä muuta, muttei valoa. Voisin veikata, että tulos olis sama.

  49. strip the bank ceo … strip the bank ceo of thier bonus, and repair the homes to sell them. Also how about banks spending so of that money to maintain these homes while they own them. like painting, cutting grass, picking up newspapers, etc…. +1Was this answer helpful?

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